Mobile App Development

Delivering impactful mobile apps that your users will love

Our team has what it takes to build an ideal mobile app, with over 8 years experience, we offer full-cycle development services tailored to your business needs.Tap into our top-notch expertise to develop powerful, highly usable mobile apps that attract users and reinforce your brand while solving your business problems. At Spiderbit, we build native, hybrid, and cross-platform apps that run on all major operating systems such as iOS and Android. From outstanding usability to rock-solid security to cutting-edge functionality, we have got the expertise to deliver a feature-packed app that goes on a home screen.

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At Spiderbit we design enterprise and consumer iOS apps for the entire Apple product range, and by strictly following Apple’s Human Interface Guidelines and our own best practices, we help you drive adoption and ensure user satisfaction with outstanding mobile apps.

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Our team has been honing its app development skills and are here to help you win loyal audience with highly customizable apps underpinned by deep knowledge of material design and enterprise-grade mobile security. So, if you are looking to wow the user by creating a unified experience with clear layouts and journeys across all screens, then come work with us.

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Cross-platform app development

You can reduce your development and maintenance costs and accelerate time to market by going cross-platform. And our TCO-driven approach and a shared iOS and Android code base permits you the fracture of OSs and gadgets viably without compromising on user appeal.

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Unstructured Supplementary Service Data or USSD in short is a service that allows mobile phone users to interact with a remote application from their device in real time that is accessible on both feature and smartphones and does not require an internet connection. We develop tailor made USSD Applications that give real time interactive experiences for your users.

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SMS Apps

Adding text messaging to your mobile or web application is one of the effective and reliable means to communicate with your users instantly by sending an SMS to their phone numbers especially the offline. Whether you are looking to send notifications,reminders, authentication to your users or open an interactive session with them, We build SMS APIs that give you the flexibility that you need to employ the right solution.

how to get started

Few Simple Steps
for Successful Business

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Requirements & Concept

We meet with the client's team, Managers, stakeholders, and end-users to understand the technical requirements of the project. Every piece and the app, whether it’s an upgrade or new feature that needs to solve a customer problem We focus on developing, collecting, and analyzing all the business requirements of the app, evaluate it and develop a plan of action to turn your app ideas into reality.

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Design & Coding

We prepare a software design based on the Requirements Specification Document that allows determining the hardware system requirements and the overall system architecture. We combine creativity and innovation to design UI & UX that hooks users and keeps them engaged on your app. On the design approval, the team develops and implements software according to the pre-defined specifications This involves front-end and back-end coding, seamlessly integrated to deliver a memorable user experience.

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Testing & Deployment

The testing stage, our QA and the testing Team take the product through strenuous and rigorous testing process to assess app errors & bugs to ensure the software is bug-free, stable and working as required and meeting high-quality standards. Once the testing is over we prepare the deployment process on the production environment for end-user, This includes installing the software on user devices and servers, post-installation configurations, adaptability and integration-related issues are resolved during implementation. Subsequently product launch, user training, documentation, support, and maintenance program kick-starts.